The Latest Buzz: New Updates!

The Latest Buzz: New Updates!

Angelina Jolie embraces bees—
and female beekeepers as environmental guardians

Angelina Jolie, film star and humanitarian, talks about training women to care for bees in UNESCO biosphere reserves and more (Note: to read article you'll need to log into to National Geographic using any Walt Disney Family of Companies-Disney, ESPN, Hulu, etc.).

It’s Time We Talked About Feeding by sassafrasbeefarm 

As we head into August and begin to think in terms of preparing our bees for their winter stores, now might be a good time to think about feeding. Here's a posting that might give beekeepers some guidance.

 Integrated Pest Management for Varroa Webinar

Check out this webinar series given by State Apiarists Jenn Lund (Maine) and Kym Skyrm (Massachusetts) on Integrated Pest Management for Varroa. Here is the link.

World Honey Bee Day (August 19th 2023)

Want to learn a bit more about World Honey Bee Day which is celebrate on the third Saturday of August? Check out some of the links below.

· World Honey Bee Day

· Bad Beekeeping Blog post by Ron Mikska 

· National Honey Bee Day (Wikipedia)

Peter Fonda and Bees

Actor Peter Fonda passed away on August 17th, 2019. Many know him for his role in "Easy Rider" but did you know he received his only Academy Award Nomination for his role as a beekeeper in "Ulee's Gold" (he lost to Jack Nicholson)? Take a look a the following post by Ron Miksha, read a review of the movie by The New York Times 

Check these Two Videos Out

Check out these two excellent videos from Samuel Ramsey, a doctoral candidate in entomology. The first one is his dissertation on Varroa destructor, a parasitic mite that feeds on honey bees. The second one is called "Doctor Buggs -What's Killing the Bees? 

TED Talks: Why Bees are Disappearing?

Understanding Varroa Mites

You've probably heard about the threat to your bees from Varroa mites. Take a look at this video from Michigan State University to learn how you could reduce the risk. 

Note: If you found this video helpful, check out the next video in this series ("Making  a Plan for Varroa") or the first video ("Why Did My Bees Die").