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2018 Maine Beekeeping Survey

The annual Maine beekeeper survey of losses and management practices is now live and ready for your input! Gathering this type of data is important for seeing trends, recognizing when and how losses occur, and determining where to focus education/outreach activities in the future. A summary report of the survey will be presented at the Maine State Beekeepers annual meeting in October and available online. The survey can be found here

Jennifer Lund, State Apiarist
Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

2018 Membership Renewals
    The 2018 membership renewals are now due. You can download a membership application by clicking here
Latest Updates!

Have added a new feature to the Penquis Beekeepers website: Podcasts. Interested in learning a bit about beekeeping from folks around the world? Why not listen to some of the beekeeping podcast below? Check out some of the podcast by clicking to the BeeCast page. Here's an example...

TED Talks: Why Bees are Disappearing?
Check out these two excellent videos from Samuel Ramsey, a doctoral candidate in entomology. The first one is his dissertation on Varroa destructor, a parasitic mite that feeds on honey bees. The second one is called "Doctor Buggs -What's Killing the Bees? 

YouTube Video

Or maybe check out Treatment-free’Beekeepers Give Varroa Mite Free ReinThe Last Death-Defying Honey Hunter of Nepal and the interesting series honoring Charles Mason Simon all located on the "For your Information" page. Additionally, with honey harvesting just around the corner, a number of helpful extraction videos had been added to the "Harvesting Your Honey" page on the "Beekeeping Videos" page. Check back to the Penquis Beekeepers site for future postings and feel free to contact us with interesting articles and videos

"Bee" History
Want to learn a bit more of the history of beekeeping and the men and woman who have played an influential role in its development? Take a look at some of the links on the Bee History page.

Next Meeting
Next two meeting will be open hives at members apiaries at a date and time to be announced. 
For more information, email or call Tish at 207 997-3546.